• How many photos will we get?

It really depends on your day and what’s happening. The average for me on my own in 2018 was 583 photos (476 min, 742 max) For two photographers the average was 739 (613 min, 845 max)

• When will we get to see our photos?

You'll receive an initial edit of around 200 images two weeks after your wedding day. This is delivered by a private online gallery that you can share with family and friends. The rest of your photos will take a further 2-3 weeks. Please note that it may take a little bit longer between May and September as these are usually my busiest months.

• What if you're ill?

I've never missed a wedding in 10 years. Thankfully I have been able to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, avoiding injury and illness. If something major does happen, I have an extensive network of fellow photographers who can step in.

• I hate having my photo taken! Can you help?

Don’t worry, I feel your pain! I also hate being in front of the camera. 95% of your day is purely documentary photography. You’ll hardly notice me! In fact, it’s best to ignore me and just enjoy spending time with the people you love.

• What if your equipment gets damaged?

I will cry inside for about 5 mins and I will have an unimpressed frowny face for a few seconds before carrying on. I use two cameras during the day (both of which have two memory cards in, so your day is automatically backed up as we go along) and carry a backup camera and enough lenses + accessories that I could start a pop-up photographic rental shop.

• We would love to book you, what are the next steps?

Awesome! If you have looked through this site and like what you see, you can put a deposit (25%) down to reserve your day. Some couples like to meet up before securing the booking, so just drop me a message via the contact page. Please note that I can't secure a date until the deposit is paid. The final balance is due one month before the wedding date and can be paid by debit/credit card/bank transfer.

• What will you wear on our wedding day?

I normally wear smart shoes, chinos, shirt and blazer. I find this is a nice balance of looking smart but also giving me enough comfort to photograph for 12+ hours.

• Are there travel costs?

If the starting location is further than 45 mins away from my home, I prefer to stay in a nearby hotel the night before. Normally this adds around £60 to the total cost. This minimises the risk of getting stuck in traffic/being delayed on your big day.

• Are you insured?

Yes, I have public liability insurance. Happy to supply the certificate to venues on request.